021Disrupt, Pakistan’s premier entrepreneurship conference fording two days winds up after the colossal success of conversations and discussion on improving the entrepreneurship situation and promoting the startup ecosystem of the country.

The ceremony attracted attendees from diverse frameworks, ranging from business specialists and successful start-up partners to budding entrepreneurs.

Just as the organizers foretold, the conference was more immeasurable and more significant than the earlier years, with more than 1000 guests pertaining to all age groups, attending interactive panel debates, and highly enlightening talks by experts.

It is necessary to channel the potential that Pakistanis have and appropriate it in evolving unique ideas into thriving businesses and projects that would help not just their owners and consumers but also add to the country’s industrial development.

Amoung tons of highlighted personalities, a few who took the lead were Amina Sheikh, Hina Bayat, Waseem Akram, Shaniera Waseem, and Shehzad Roy, who shared their perspectives on streamlining Pakistan with global drifts of development.

021Disrupt Pakistan

021Disrupt hosts 1000+ innovators, 600+ startups, and 20+ investors for its third edition in Karachi.

Speakers weren’t only precise about what they had to deliver in terms of ecosystem, but they also educated entrepreneurs and start-ups on what they could do to be a part of the betterment.

Key Takeaways/Tweets From 021 Disrupt 2019

1: Khurram Zafar – @kayzafar

  • The best tech conf in #Pakistan, #021Disrupt19 comes to an end w an amazing dinner & musical epilogue.
  • Amazing energy, content, networking & organization punctuated with a regular dose of good food, learning & inspiration from passionate entrepreneurs, old friends & intl visitors.

2: Sami Kizilbash – @samikiz

  • Pakistan has all the ingredients in place… How soon can we start?
  • If you want to go fast, go alone .. but if you want to go far, go together.
  • Do what you say , say what you did.
  • Keep an open mind about how your idea could work up.

3: Tania Aidrus – @taidrus

Director of Product, Google, shares a step-by-step vision for a Digital Pakistan.  

3: Aamina Sheikh – @aaminasheikh

  • An excellent collective and platform to connect with the Do-Ers of our society.
  • Let’s together change the narrative, heal, repair, restore, re-educate, elevate and forge ahead #together #021Disrupt19

4: Kalsoom Lakhani – @kalsoom82

  • Advice to startups: really focus on hiring – personally interview your first 100 employees & make sure they’re aligned on your company’s values.

5: Sameer Chishty 山氷瑅 – @sameerchishty

  • All founders we meet every week in Pakistan, this one’s for you. I applaud your courage. Know that we have been where you are. And will go the distance with you.
  • We were startups once. Just because we’re now grownups doesn’t mean we ever lose the founder spirit. 

6: Hina Khwaja Bayat – @HinaKhwajaBayat

  • Great event, well planned, well organised, well-executed – this is what Pakistan needs! Well done.

 7: Jawwad Farid – @rebootdude

  • Lead with people not problem. Engage users first before jumping into design says  @snajmi .
  • When you start building a #startup #ecosystem your biggest challenge is trust deficit.
  • Great builders are always givers, not takers. Door openers, not gate keepers.

8: Chris Rogers – @MobileRogers

  • If you are a fake, your customers will know it, your employees will know it and your investor will know it. Never be fake!

9: Shehzad Roy – @ShehzadRoy

  • My opinion about developing good textbook content in national & regional languages & to knock out rote learning by making sure the teachers also do not come from a system of rote learning.
  • We have freedom of speech but no freedom after the speech.

10: Afia Salam – @afiasalam

11: Sadaffe Abid – @SadaffeAbid

  • Lots of ideas & energy around the theme of Diversity & Inclusion Looking forward to working on the white paper.

12: Samar Hasan – @SamarHasantwtr

021Disrupt Pakistan

13: Shaniera Akram – @iamShaniera

  • Shaniera says she gets hundreds of messages on her social media accounts from overseas who keep asking if she really likes living here and she answers its amazing! They need to come to see for themselves. 

14: Melissa Sassi – @mentorafrika

  • Today I did a thing and spoke about impostering my way through learning the mainframe business.
  • I can now stand on a stage and talk about @IBMZ with thousands of people. Find your squad and make magic!

15: Aatif Awan – @aatif_awan

  • He believes Pakistani startups and investors have the potential to build together and benefit Pakistan’s economy in the years to come.

16: Thomas Tsao 

  • Risk and Reward always go together and when I look at Pakistan I see more reward.

17: Saba Zaidi – @_sabazaidi

  • Frame INSIGHTS as OPPORTUNITIES from a user’s perspective.

The conference hosted talks and panel discussions addressing diverse themes of engineering, technology, investments, user design, civic innovation, mobility and transport, tourism and agri-tech.

“If we are to make sure that Pakistan is going to become one of the greatest startup destinations, we will have to do it together, and collaboration is where we’ve got to focus. 021Disrupt is our attempt at doing that. We started it not to hold another conference, but to have conversations, to decide what is important, to bring relevant people into the country, and to facilitate the growth of the startup ecosystem, because I feel that the time is right”, said Jehan Ara in her closing speech.

With that ending not, and a bang of a conference, we hope to see startups and entrepreneurs of Pakistan thrive and succeed with their full potential.

And hope to have events like 021 Disrupt to be a part of the business-industry culture.

Happy Disrupt-ing!


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