Social media management is an emerging trend among organizations that can enhance outcomes exorbitantly. This is because the handy and efficient mechanisms that you can use to manage your social media can get you tons of information that can enable you to acquire more followers, become more important to the followers that you already have, and eventually develop your business through online networking. Social Champ is a new tool that helps you manage social media both efficiently and effectively. It provides a platform to professionals to carry out their online marketing campaigns either it’s social media or other digital ways and executes business plans with 100% implantation of all marketing strategies while saving a great deal of time.

Here are 8 reasons why marketers should switch to Social Champ for executing a fool-proof digital marketing strategy.

No Need To Switch Between Tabs Anymore

Social Champ is a one-stop place to create, post, schedule, and analyze all of your social media efforts – eliminating the monotonous task of having to switch tabs between dozens of accounts. It enables you to have a controlled stream of all your blogs, promotional/awareness campaigns, print advertisements and a lot more on different networking channels at the same time.  You can post on multiple social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all at once and manage them in a single go!


First Tool Ever To Repeat Your Posts Automatically

It is the first tool that allows you to automate the repetition of your posts according to your self-designed schedule in order to reinforce your marketing strategy and maximize the number of views. For example if you want to sell online tickets for a concert and make a profit, you just have to edit the scheduling tool by adding your own preferences about the number of repetitions per day of the posts containing a marketing poster and the time difference between every two posts in order to ensure that you get the maximum number of views and clicks on your post.


“Analytics” Feature, to Track The Number of Likes, Comments And Shares Of The Original Post

Social Champ tracks the record of multiple kinds of responses on your content posted on the associated social networking sites and traces the number of likes, comments, and shares of your post in a simple and an easy-to-understand tabular representation, which helps you to analyze your brand’s/service’s growth trends and plan accordingly.

One of our users quoted:

Our total time spent on online marketing reduced by 60% after we switched to Social Champ.


Bulk Upload From CSV File

With Social Champ at your service, you can design and upload your own schedule to post content on multiple social networking channels through the ‘upload from CSV file’ option which you can edit anytime according to your change in marketing strategies and schedule more than 200 posts in less than a minute!


Web Browser Extension

Web browser extension allows sharing directly from the webpage of your choice. This way, every time you see an interesting post on the internet, you can share it right away with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what not so that everyone can see it.

Content Suggestion Tool

Social Champ offers a tab that opens a stream of suggestions of all the content daily uploaded on the internet which includes blogs, articles, newsletters, pictures and everything posted online which you can review and give a reference to in your own posts. The Content suggestion tool also allows the users to add up to 25 RSS feeds on their Social Champ profiles. This will enable them to receive updates from their favorite web pages on a regular basis so that they don’t miss out on anything!



Easy-to-Understand Social Champ Calendar

Social Champ offers a social media calendar which shows all the scheduled posts with the designated time to help you have a clearer and more definite view of what your marketing strategy looks like and how well it is planned. You can easily edit your schedule if anything looks misplaced.


Get Noticed Everywhere!


Social Champ is the perfect tool for everyone from an individual to big businesses who are looking for unique features to get ahead of the game. If you’re looking for something unique to jump ahead and willing to try something new, give Social Champ a try to have a more focused and compelling presence on social media!