Social Champ Vs Buffer: A brief comparison

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Online marketing efforts and branding strategies that become successful don’t simply occur by accident. They require time, consideration, and in particular – vigilant planning. Social media presence is one of the great things, you immensely need to be visible. Managing a business is highly likely that you have at least one or possibly a few social media platforms to manage. With a high social media presence at one point, there might come a need to start scheduling your posts. If so, you’ll need a social media scheduling tool. There are dozens out there, but how do you choose which one is the best for you?

There are many different social media scheduling tools that help you follow through on your digital marketing strategy and handle your channels with ease and which all cater to different needs. Choosing tool for scheduling your post can have a big effect on your business since it can help you increase engagement, traffic and help you analyze your progress. You need to make your needs and priorities clear to yourself and choose the tool accordingly.

Like Buffer, Social Champ allows you to schedule posts to be shared on social media (with support for Twitter, Facebook profiles and pages, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles and company pages). Social Champ, however, has several major differences.

In a nutshell, Social Champ does not let you queue run dry and yes you are definitely able to share your post again and again. It stores your updates online in a category-based library, where they remain even after they’ve been posted. Well, it is just a beginning.

Why do Reposting from Bulk Content, is Important Element

It is not all about to set a time, to mark a day and relax for successful social media marketing, a little more is needed It’s been estimated that the lifecycle of a social media update is short. People spend just a very limited time in a day on Twitter. And Facebook users see only a tiny fraction of the thousands of potential posts sorted by Facebook’s algorithm.

However, resharing your best content, then, means it can reach as many fans as possible, while also ensuring that your evergreen content is shared more than once without requiring you to continually write and upload new updates every week.

Repost, from Bulk Upload, this will allow users to post the same post again, ‘Weekly’, ‘Monthly’ or ‘Yearly’. You can also make ‘Yearly’ posts ‘Forever’, for example wishing birthdays, Christmas posts, etc

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‘Recycle Content’ is here to support you on a tough schedule

Maintaining a dynamic, consistent and successful social media presence is challenging for full plated entrepreneurs and online marketers along with tougher schedule and bigger ideas. Obviously, this needs to be connected with their communities in a slick way that produces tangible business. There is the number of campaigns running at our screens on various social media platform it includes trends, ephemeral content and much more but all just a brilliant flawless campaign that is somehow even hard to design, harder to manage. You can save a collection of 100+ quotes and post one of them on any selected day by creating a campaign that will be repeating and recycling. Now, you can use the same strategy and decide a time to post about your anything and you can save up to 33 hours a month.

Buffer auto-populates your queue in the order in which you add content, without factoring in the types of content you’re sharing.

Social Champ, on the other hand, gives you the control you need to automatically post the right types of updates at the right times – in a simple, clean interface.


Why Not, Upload In Bulk

Everyone has to upload stuff on the social media every now and then to have an impressively active presence on social media and connect to a larger audience every time we log in. However, with the help of a Bulk Uploader, thousands of post can be scheduled and uploaded all at once without having to log in to our accounts every time we want to schedule a post for later. To help you manage your bulk uploads on social media, we have a tutorial absolutely ready for you!

Social Champ, the latest social media management tool is a one-stop place to create, post, schedule, and analyze all of your social media efforts – enables you to have a controlled stream of all your blogs, promotional/awareness campaigns, print advertisements and a lot more on different networking channels at the same time.

Bulk Upload feature from a CSV file. Imagine scheduling months of content, with a single click.

Repeat to Tweets and Facebook Posts like a champion

You cannot ignore Twitter for your visibility in social media and digital world, even it is the priority to many ones. Twitter is not just about to hi and then bye. You need to stay to work and to show yourself more and more in the few minutes, a Twitter user spend on.

With Buffer, you have to manually select items to reshare. With Social Champ, this happens automatically.

Social Champ automatically populates a queue based on the updates you’ve added to your content library. If/when you run out of new updates in any category, it will populate your queue with previously-published updates from your library. This gives your updates the opportunity to be seen by a different segment of your audience while ensuring that your queue never runs dry.


Auto post content via RSS feed

Interesting stories to share on social media filtered by topics of your choice; cats, food, startups, we have them all!

You can also add your favorite blog and schedule easily. Auto-sharing of content by watching a Blog Post and appending custom text too, for example watching Social Champ’s blog and sharing at-max 1 article/day on my twitter appending a text ‘via


Buffer or Social Champ? What Should I Prefer and Why?

So now that you know how Social Champ is different from Buffer, which tool is right for you? Should you use Buffer or Social Champ to manage your social media?
Buffer might be right for you if…

You don’t really want to control what types of posts are published to your accounts at specific times

You have time to frequently update your queue with new content

You don’t share evergreen content that you want to repeat

Social Champ might be right for you if…

You want complete control over when you share specific types of posts

You want to get out of the never-ending cycle of writing new updates every day

You want to be able to easily repeat your best evergreen content

Well, things are not just limited here. Social Champ does not ignore your important features. Social Champ is perfectly designed to give a complete online solution of  social media scheduling.



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