Game of Thrones  Season – 8 has just started and it is full of lessons and tutorials for Brands and marketers. These are the things brands did and learned from Game of Thrones marketing strategies.

game of thrones marketing strategies

The cold ground is splattered with blood.

The fight is finished, or there is a whole other world to come.

The legends lay dead outside the manor entryways.

Everything is calm.

Only at that point… there came a booming thunder from above. An unobtrusive development, a whirlwind.

Is it a mythical serpent?

Probably not.

Maybe an ice-winged serpent.

It is Bud light!

Do you realize that the intended interest group for GoT should be a millennial crowd? Be that as it may, as we as a whole know, everybody is dependent on the television arrangement.

game of thrones marketing strategies

How were they ready to do it with the Game of Thrones marketing strategies?

Take an example of oreo’s Game of Thrones marketing campaign

To draw in a group of onlookers on all dimensions. The dramatization, the grimness, and the dimension of commitment are very interesting.

As advertisers/marketers, we’ve assembled a few ads together which we feel are detracted from the entire GoT show.

Game of Thrones doesn’t need to resort to any marketing ploys. It’s a sprawling epic drama about a war for survival that has lasted for thousands of years.

Life and death hang in the balance of every single scene, which doesn’t exactly lend itself tonally to increased brand interaction with cartoon peanuts.

But nonetheless, every ad and every campaign are as epic as the ones that have been going on since season one!


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