Do you want hundreds of likes and shares on your Facebook posts?

Are you struggling to become the next highlight on everyone’s news-feed on Facebook?

Sharing updates that speak to your fans’ interests and that entertains can provide great opportunities for interaction. You might be a pro and think of yourself is Mr.know-it-all of social networking sites, but more importantly, managing your posts on one of the leading social media channels and making sure that they are viewed by the audience just as you want them to be can be challenging.

Well, there is no need to worry at all. Social Champ has got your back!

Here’s how you can post like a champion on Facebook through Social Champ.

  • Make your personal Social Champ Account
  • Add your Facebook account to your newly made Social Champ account
  • Select your Facebook profile and make a post
  • Now choose how many times you want to repeat your post
  • Use the “Analytics” feature to track the number of likes, comments and shares of the original post
  • Use Social Champ’s suggestions before you post
  • Schedule your Facebook posts almost conveniently
  • Manage multiple Facebook profiles, pages and groups with just a click!

Let me show you how to do it!

First, make your Social Champ account

The first step is to log on to Social Champ and make a personalized account on Social Champ by simply clicking on the login option at the top-right corner of your screen. You can sign up easily with any of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or even your Windows account.

You can choose from the following accounts from the screen that pops up to sign in to Social Champ instead of making and having to remember a whole new ID and password.

Next, add your Facebook account to your newly made Social Champ account

Along with all other profiles that you have on different social media networks, add your Facebook account by clicking on the +Account option and choosing Facebook Profile.


Sign in to your Facebook account…

Your Facebook profile is now visible on your Social Champ screen.

Now select your Facebook profile and make a post!

Select Content and write a post. You can also upload a picture to make your post look more catchy on Facebook.

Now choose how many times you want to repeat your post on Facebook

Yes, it’s true! Through Social Champ, you can now repeat your posts on twitter as many times as you want to make sure that nobody misses it! Social Champ is the first tool that allows you to automate the repetition of your posts according to your self-designed schedule in order to reinforce your marketing strategy and maximize the number of views. Repeating your posts on LinkedIn ensures that your tweet stays on top throughout a selected period of time. Click To Tweet


Select the post option and click on Accept  at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Your post has now been successfully made on your Facebook account!

You can log in to your Facebook account to verify your post. Your post is going to be right there! You actually managed to post your tweet in no time without even opening a separate tab for Facebook.

You can also use the “Analytics” feature to track the number of likes, comments and shares of your post

Social Champ tracks the record of multiple kinds of responses on your content posted on the associated social networking sites and traces the number of likes, comments and shares of your post in a simple and an easy-to-understand tabular representation, which helps you to analyze your brand’s/service’s growth trends and plan accordingly.

For further enhancement,  try these…

Use Social Champ’s suggestions before you post on Facebook

Social Champ offers a tab that opens a stream of suggestions of all the content daily uploaded on the internet which includes blogs, articles, newsletters, pictures and everything posted online which you can review and give a reference to in your own posts. Click on Suggestions and type something relevant to your tweet to see what stories you can share.


Schedule your posts without a hitch!

Do you face the problem of forgetting to post some of the most important posts at the most prime time when almost all your followers are online? Don’t you want to always stick to your set goals and targets and implement your marketing strategy efficiently? Yes? No worries!

With Social Champ at your service, you can now schedule your Facebook posts for whichever time slot you like by selecting the option schedule. You can set the time of your post according to your preference and select Accept. You can now sit back and relax! Your content will automatically be posted at the time you have set.


Manage multiple Facebook accounts, pages and groups with just a click!

With the help of Social Champ, you can also add multiple twitter profiles on your Social Champ account. You can group the Facebook profiles together in order to save yourself from the hassle of posting on them separately and post on them simultaneously in just one go!

Become a Facebook Champ!

Social Champ is a one-stop place to create, post, schedule, and analyze all of your social media efforts – eliminating the monotonous task of having to switch tabs between dozens of accounts. It enables you to have a controlled stream of all your blogs, promotional/awareness campaigns, print advertisements and a lot more on different networking channels at the same time.

Social Champ is the perfect tool for small and medium scale businesses who are looking for unique features to get ahead of the game. If you’re looking for something unique to jump ahead and willing to try something new, sign up at Social Champ to give it a try and enjoy a more focused and compelling presence on social media!



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