Snapchat vs Instagram – Tips For Creative Marketing

Silicon Valley adores a decent fight. Regardless of whether it’s Facebook versus Google, Apple versus Samsung, or Uber vs Lyft, contenders thrashing it out for clients has become a practice for competing and is woven into the texture of the tech business. One of the most recent highlight of such battles is Instagram vs Snapchat—particularly regarding Stories and each application’s appeal to influencers, and brand advertisers. For entrepreneurs who hope to grow their business and have an impact on their audiences through these online forums, understanding the intricate details of each to come up with productive marketing efforts is essential for progress. A general strategy may not be able to fit in.

Social Champ makes it easier for all the struggling marketers out there by categorizing  Snapchat and Instagram according to their features that make them a perfect fit for a flawless marketing campaign.

Story Wars

Snapchat has ruled as the sort of brief video platform since its launch, yet Instagram, known for its picture-sharing intricacy just ventured in to take it’s shot. In August 2016, years after Snapchat first discharged Stories, Instagram discharged its own adaptation with Instagram Stories. This enabled clients to share numerous photographs and recordings in a slideshow arrangement. It was essentially a clone of Snapchat Stories, yet despite the fact that it was later to the gathering, engagement immediately began to tip to support Instagram.

For a business devising its online marketing strategy, and pondering where and how to apportion their financial plan, this step is of crucial essence. Brands naturally would prefer not to put their advertising dollars into stages that are “dead.” Snapchat still has greater engagement possibilities. The normal Snapchat user spends around thirty minutes on the application every day and 60% of clients make content. Conversely, the normal Instagram user spends around 15 minutes everyday on the application, usually browsing.

Focal points and Geofilters

Snapchat wins big through their face-adjusting Lenses and area based Geofilters. These features are diverse for people using other social networking platforms. Both of these features are distinct and the biggest source of appeal to its users. These filters offer some really edgy and intelligent advertising choices, as well as help to customize each Snapchat user’s experience. On the other hand, Instagram still manages to have a much larger user base just because of the fact that people can use it to upload any picture at all. This has made Instagram a great platform to communicate through pictures which can be the focal point of a brand’s marketing strategy.

Brand’s Reach

There is no competition in terms of reach. While it might be somewhat perturbing for some that the aggregate number of pictures shared, per user, on Instagram has been declining year-over-year, the sheer number of users is still colossal contrasted with that of Snapchat. And that is particularly true and of great importance when it comes to big brands and celebrities.

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Target Business Audience

The heated discussion between Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories among online networking clients is genuine. For standard online networking clients, the inclination truly just relies upon what you’re more comfortable with or what your companions utilize the most.

Organizations and brands, however, must align their marketing efforts with their strategy with regards to which social forum they choose for branding. Clients regularly add Snapchat or Instagram stories to their present social/showcasing plan. What we need to truly consider regardless of the platforms they use is that whether utilizing any of them bodes well for their brand. How are we going to gauge the achievement? Does their target audience use these apps regularly? How would we draw in the audience’s attention through them? These questions are what we need to inquire before making the decision of whether to us Snapchat or Instagram  as a part of a social media marketing strategy.

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Which would it be a good idea for your brand?

two business persons plan a project

It truly relies upon what your business is and who followers are. Instagram bodes well for businesses since most of them are already familiar with its interface. Story posts can be tailored and curated to resemble your brand image. You can label individuals in story posts, and verified accounts can post links in their posts. If your business isn’t registered or verified, you can guide your viewers to the your instagram account to reach you. Once you have exhausted the initial stage of Instagram marketing, Snapchat is an extraordinary decision if your business is growing bigger.

Choose Smart!

In some cases neither online networking stage is the correct alternative. There are situations where customers whose social media pages have low engagement, who don’t have numerous followers or whose target audience is beyond 35 to 60 years of age, and are advised against utilizing forums like Snapchat or Instagram. When it makes sense to consolidate Snapchat or Instagram Stories into a brand’s marketing strategy, remember that you ought to build up a different designed campaign for both of these highlights. Your campaign could work with your current social media platforms, or can be specific to Snapchat or Instagram stories.

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